Elon Musk will get driving goofy Neil Armstrong alien meme

We reside in a globe rife with moon-landing conspiracy theories, the place out-there concepts suggest we didn’t land on the moon at all, or, if we did, there ended up aliens presently there. Thank goodness we have Elon Musk to aid information us further into the confusion.

The SpaceX founder posted a strange/cryptic/foolish tweet on Thursday stating, ‘There are no coincidences,’ alongside with a meme of Neil Armstrong in a spacesuit up coming to an graphic of an alien. The meme claims, ‘Neil Armstrong was the 1st man or woman to land on the moon. ‘Neil A.’ backwards is ‘alien.”

The tweet captivated a storm of in excess of 475,000 likes. Musk before long adopted it up with one more backwards musing: ‘Evian, the 1st bottled drinking water, is naive spelled backwards.’

A tabloid tale in early 2018 claimed NASA astronaut Excitement Aldrin noticed aliens in the course of the Apollo 11 moon mission in 1969, but it was quickly debunked. Feedback on Musk’s tweet stage out that there ended up in fact aliens on the moon: the human beings who established foot on it. 

The backwards Neil Armstrong thought just isn’t new. A Reddit thread from four years ago muses on how his title spells ‘Gnorts, Mr Alien’ backwards when you use his complete final title. The notion proceeds to slide aside when you contain his center title: Gnorts Mr Anedl Alien.’ 

We can also look at what occurs when you spell Elon Musk backwards. You get ‘Ksum Nole.’ KSUM is a place-tunes radio station in Fairmont, Minnesota. ‘Nole’ is the nickname of Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic, a infamous prankster also recognized as the Joker. So, it would seem Musk could be hiding a mystery existence as a comedy place tunes songwriter in the vein of Ray Stevens.

Or probably he is just a dude who tends to make electric powered autos, tunnels and spaceships and strategies to fly a bunch of artists around the moon. Which is lots unusual sufficient.


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